Akbari Gate lahore Pakistan


Let me take you inside the magnificent Lahore Fort and through its original entrance from Akber’s era today. For a while imagine the majesty of Akbar’s entourage passing through the Delhi Gate crossing the Royal Trail with people leaning over the balconies and jharokas to take a glimpse of their Emperor and Queen seated on decorated elephants, showering flowers over them. Then following through the royal trail, Akbar the Great enters into his splendid Fort through the giant and massive Akbari Gate! What a mesmerizing scene it would have been of the colorful enchanting entourage entering in this gate with the guards standing with their heads bowed down to the Emperor and his Queen. I wish I was there to see all the royal scenes of the bygone days when the Mughals ruled this place, but now we can only read such stories in books or see the depictions of it in films that are being made on such subjects.

So now let’s come to this magnificent gate of the royals, which was named after the third Mughal Emperor- Akbar the Great, who re-built this fort with burnt bricks and added several mind blowing structures in it. The Mughal Emperor Akbar was the one who added a fortified wall with thirteen gates around the city and thus it became to be known as ‘the walled city’.


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