Lahore Gate, Pakistan

Sheranwala gate was built during the Mughual era of Emperor Akbar. Its olden name was Khizri gate which was given to it after a folk tale became common that a Muslim Saint Hazrat Khizar stepped in the river Ravi after passing through this gate .

Its modern name is Sheranwala gate (Lions gate). During Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s rule he ordered to keep his two caged lions near the gate for the protection of the city.

The gate incidentally has two names too. Initially it used to be called Khizri Gate. During the Mughal era the old River Ravi used to flow next to the Walled City. This gate was so close to the river that boats used to float by it. Because Khwaja Khizar is known as the Patron of rivers and “Amer-ul-Bahar” (commander of water) this gate was named after him. After Maharajah Ranjit Singh came to power he kept two lions in cages near this gate so this gate started being called Shairanwala Gate or The Gate of the Lions. When the British came to power they removed these cages but this name prevailed. Inside this gate can we saw several shrines like those of Syed Baba Haji Pir Sarkar Lajpal and Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Hazuri. Famous markets like the Pakistan Cloth Market and the Naugaran Bazaar are also located here. We also visited some interesting mansions of the nobles like the Shah Zaman Haveli, Aloo Walli Haveli and Haveli Mian Ghous. A fascinating mosques of this area was the Niwin or very low Masjid. A famous educational institution of this area is the Government School for Deaf and Dumb Khizri Mohala.

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